Seeking an interactive way for guests at your wedding, party, or other special event to document the special day? Look no further than a Valley Forge photo booth provided by the party specialists at Sound Sensation.

When you hire us to set up your photo booth in Valley Forge, you and the guests at your event will enjoy all of the following:

  • The choice of printing photos in color or black and white
  • Optional video messages
  • High resolution photos – 2-2×6 strips or 1-4×6 card
  • A custom message on each print
  • Extra prints if necessary
  • A variety of colorful backgrounds and frames to choose from
  • A box full of fun props
  • Photos that are social media-ready and great for posting on Facebook or Instagram
  • Speedy photo printing
  • A guest book where people can leave messages or photos for the host

In addition to providing high-quality photographs for guests to take home with them, Sound Sensation will also give you a USB flash drive with all of the pictures and videos from the event. This means you’ll have a special collection of photos and videos of the loved ones who were present for your important day.

We’ll Let You Personalize Your Valley Forge Photo Booth

Here at Sound Sensation, we do our best to make sure that our services are aligned with the styles and tastes of our clients. When you entrust us with your event photo booth in Valley Forge, we’ll work closely with you to decide how the photo booth should look and where it should be placed in the venue to best accommodate your guests.

Plus, we’ll give you the option of having a traditional walk-in/sit-in photo booth or a more elaborate VIP photo booth lounge. If you choose the first option, you’ll get everything that we listed in the last section, and one of our skilled photo booth attendants will man the booth throughout your event. If you select the VIP option, we’ll give you two attendants as well as a white pipe and drape lounge, a red carpet, velvet rope, and other accessories to make your guests feel like celebrities. To learn more about the two types of Valley Forge photo booths we offer, check out our website.

Reach Out to Sound Sensation Today!

If you’re interested in making use of our Valley Forge photo booth options, dial (610) 275-5597 now. And if you’d like to get a quote for our services, simply click the “Request a Quote” link on our homepage. We look forward to showing you why we’ve gained a reputation for providing photo booth services Valley Forge residents can rely on!