About DJ Hunter

Hunter is the newest edition to the Sound Sensation family. Coming to the
team with music already a big part of his life, he’s learning the special event
DJ role at lighting speed. He is also a Philadelphia based music producer,
singer, and songwriter. That background gives him a unique understanding
of how music ebbs and flows and the effect it has on guests at a gathering.

Known as “DJ Matai”, Hunter brings a powerful positive attitude to each of his
music projects and this also resonates in his work as a special event DJ. He
treats each client with respect and each celebration like it’s his life’s work.
He’s also one of the most detailed staff members we’ve ever seen.

Hunter has been gaining experience working all types of celebrations with
each of our seasoned DJs. He’s learning the best skills from each member of
our team as he develops his own unique style. He is a valuable assistant DJ
and will soon be headlining his own events. Give us a call at 610 275-5597 to
check Hunter’s availability.