Q: Why is Sound Sensation DJ’s different from other entertainment companies.
A: Some DJ services pull from a list of many subcontractors to perform at your wedding. It’s more about volume than service.This is why you don’t get to meet with your DJ until a few weeks before your wedding if at all. This often results in a “cookie cutter” effect, where event event follows a company formula. We do have certain standards that each entertainer needs to follow, but we encourage individual talent and creativity among our employees. We pay them well, giving them an incentive to do great work every time out. We’re different because we are a smaller company that focuses on building a relationship with our clients. That’s why we wont ask you to sign an agreement until you’ve had the opportunity to meet or speak with the DJ who is available for your reception. In this way, your entertainer is familiar with your likes and dislikes, and you have no surprises when the wedding day arrives. We are a professional service not an “on the side” entertainment business. We have an office location with convenient evening hours for client meetings.

Q: Can we come to a wedding to see you perform?
A: Because we value the privacy of our wedding clients, it is not usually possible to have uninvited guests watch us on the job. The DJ will not have time to answer questions as he/she will be focused on performing for the wedding clients. Also, keep in mind that each wedding is customized for tastes of our clients. The songs that they chose may not work for your particular event, so this wouldn’t be the best way to get to know your DJ. This is why we provide the opportunity to meet your DJ before your event, and during planning sessions if you choose. We will also show you some video and pictures from past events to give you a better feel for how we perform. You are also welcome, and encouraged to read our reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot to get a better picture of the type of service we offer.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: We use only commercial quality sound systems. Various dependable brands such as JBL, Crown, Denon, Pioneer and QSC are at the heart of our sound systems. We do not use iPods or other consumer quality devices because most do not meet our requirements for professional playback. Each DJ has a preferred system based on their comfort, sort of like a musician who likes his favorite guitar. Most use a combination of digital technology and CDs. We also have DJs who can use turntables if you want a classic look and feel for your event.

Q: Do you bring a cordless microphone?
A: Yes, we bring several cordless microphones. For weddings, we provide a cordless mic for toast/blessings and other formalities.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes. We provide an online music database and request system for you and your guests. We will base the music we play on the requests you gave us. We also honor your “do not play” list. Your entertainer will also take requests at the event unless you prefer that we don’t.

Q: What kind of music do you provide?
A: Our music library spans at least 6 decades. You can expect to hear a mix of the most danceable music that keeps your guests on the dance floor. We also offer ethnic music such and Italian, Latin, Polish, Irish, etc. You can also choose from Top 40, Golden Oldies, Philly Motown, Swing, and many others. We subscribe to several DJ music services to that we’re always up-to-date with the latest hits.

Q: What do you wear to an event?
A: Sound Sensation DJs come professionally dressed to fit the occasion. If it’s a wedding reception, we will be wearing tuxedo’s but if you prefer a different style we can accommodate you.

Q: What do you charge?
A: On average, weddings start at 5.00 and up depending on your needs. Mitzvahs are between 0.00 and 0.00 per hour. Other events may be less expensive or more, depending on the scope of the event. We will create a custom entertainment package for you based on your needs and budget. We are a full time company, so 100% of our attention is focused on our clients and their event. Please call, or visit our office for an exact quote.

Q: Do I pay for setup time/how do you arrive at your fee?
A: There are no hidden fees and no extra charge for setup time. The quote is the final price you will pay. At Sound Sensation, we start working on your event after the first phone call. Much behind the scenes preparation goes into your event. Having equipment in good working order, contacting the other professionals involved in your affair, conducting planning sessions with clients, set up and breakdown and all other aspects of maintaining a business are factored into your event fee. We spend approximately 10-15 hours on each wedding. When you really look at what’s involved behind the scenes, a DJ is a great value.

Q: What kind of experience do you have?
A: Frank Raffa, the president of Sound Sensation, has over 20 years of experience as a professional mobile DJ. Most employees have at least 6 years experience and all are professionally trained to handle the event that they are sent to. We will not send someone who is not prepared to handle your event. Because we do many different types of affairs, we have experience to perform at anything from a school dance or block party to the most elegant of wedding receptions.

Q: What’s your back-up plan?
A: Our DJ’s sound systems are redundant so that in the event of a failure, (which is extremely rare) you and your guests may not even notice the change over to the back-up equipment. In addition, we always have a DJ who is unassigned to any event. That DJ is on stand-by in case of any emergency. We also network with other local DJ services in case of an extreme emergency.

Q: Do you do the introductions and announcements at my affair?
A: Yes, Sound Sensation provides professional MC’s to speak at any event. We not only handle the important announcments, but take an active role in your event, injecting energy where neeeded.

Q: Can you provide music for my on-site ceremony?
A: Yes, it is becoming more common for us to provide the ceremony music as well as the reception entertainment. If your reception or cocktail hour is in a separate room at the venue, we are capable of providing separate sound systems for each location. There is 250.00 fee for each additional sound system. If you ceremony is outside, we recommend a microphone setup for the vows.