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Club Style Lighting
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What is it? It’s a style of lighting that compliments the atmosphere of the event space, while providing a WOW factor in the eyes of your guests. For weddings, banquets, or just about any event, this type of ambient lighting can go a long way to enhance the feel of the room and provide passion. It also makes your photos really “pop”, as we’ve been told by many photographers. You can choose a static color that matches your brides maid’s dresses, table linens, or the season. We can also control the lighting so that it changes colors, synced to your music later in the night. Our company does not charge “per fixture”. Instead, we bring as many fixtures as it takes to light the room properly, giving you the best impact for your investment.

Monogram Projection

A custom monogram puts your personal signature on the event. For coporate events, we can project your company logo for all to see. For Weddings, a custom monogram is a great way for the bride and groom to project their personal message right on the dance-floor (It looks great in your pictures too!).

Dance-Floor/Club Style Lighting

After the dinner or formal part of your event has passed, you may want to create some energy for dancing. Using a combination of intellegent (programable) lighting and sound active lighting, we can give your event that “club like” look and feel. Moving-head lights, LED lighting, and other special effects encourage your guests to dance.

Special Effects

If your looking for something unique, consider a flowing water effect. We offer special H20 image projectors that give the illusion of water in motion. This effect looks great on the dance-floor, or to light entrance ways. Ask your entertainer for an example of this effect at your consultation.

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