We take a unique approach to helping you achieve your vision for your wedding. Our process starts with interviewing your prospective DJ entertainer before deciding if he or she is a good match for you.  This helps the entertainer gain a very good understanding of your expectations, and allows you to become comfortable with the person who will become part of your celebration.  When you decide to move forward, your DJ now becomes your personal entertainment consultant throughout the planning process. We will help you with timing, song selection, and fun ideas to enhance your reception. Your DJ will also conduct a wrap up meeting with you about a month before the wedding to finalize all the details. When we finally get to your wedding day, we’ve built a great relationship with you, and your DJ is no longer a stranger, but a trusted friend, who is there to lead you in celebrating with your friends and family.

Wedding Ceremony

If you are conducting your ceremony on-site at the venue but in a separate room, we can provide complete coverage. We will help you customize the ceremony music to your taste and provide microphones for your officiate and readers. Your DJ will be ready with your unique seating music 30 minutes prior to the actual ceremony to get everyone ready. The great thing about using your DJ for the ceremony is that you have many choices when it comes to ceremony music, and the whole event is well coordinated.

Details Are Important

We will play your requests and honor your “do not play” list as well. We will also help you pick the special songs for your introductions, first dance, cake cutting, parent dances, and other special moments. Every performance is important to us! Your DJ will do a wrap up meeting with you before the wedding to review all the details of your event. We use only professional, commercial quality equipment. We provide a clean booth setup that shows no wires, or mess. Standard dress for a wedding is a tuxedo. We take care of the little details that make the difference between an OK wedding reception and a memorable one.

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