Kimm and Burton’s Wedding At Bally Spring Inn

Sound Sensation

Kimm and Burton’s Wedding

One thing we always encourage our clients to do, is to make it their own. That’s what Kimm and Burton did for their wedding at Bally Spring in on August 22, 2015. The couple wanted a relaxed family setting – not too formal, but comfortable for everyone. Since the they were able to spend the night before at the Inn, they were able to spend the entire day filled with family fun before the actual ceremony. So, they planned for lawn games to be available for friends and family. We thought that was a unique touch, and not something you see often at wedding receptions. Before actually tying the knot, the couple’s children led the way down the isle in their very own, battery powered Ford Mustang. They also chose to go with a photo booth, which was available on the back deck for fun picture throughout the reception.

Sound Sensation was able to provide for the ceremony music, photo booth and DJ/MC for the evening. The DJ was high above the crowd in a loft area. I managed to snap this picture of the fun on the dance-floor. As you can see, they had an absolute blast. They did it their way. Congrats Kimm and Burton!